Futures Recovery Healthcare

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Michael Holloway

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Holloway serves as the CEO of Futures Recovery Healthcare and President of GMH Ventures, the investment team responsible for the operating entities within the private portfolio of the GMH family office. Michael brings deep financial and operational experience coupled with exceptional leadership capabilities to the team at Futures. His strategic guidance, unwavering commitment to ethics, and family-centric values have propelled Futures to its reputation as a trusted provider that is able to retain and attract the industry’s top talent.

Mike can often be found on-site introducing himself to clients and their families with a purpose – “I love getting to know the people we are helping and it’s reassuring to hear everything we’re doing right, but I need to hear what we can do to improve at Futures and what I can help change, if we are to grow and challenge ourselves as an organization to adapt to the needs of our clients.”

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