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Patrick Kenny, PhD, LCSW

Hero's Group Facilitator

Dr. Patrick Kenny, Ph.D., LCSW, known as Captain Kenny, emerges from a distinguished 40-year career in law enforcement, where he held the position as a law enforcement captain. Leading the Behavioral Services Division at the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Captain Kenny seamlessly blends his experience with a subtle yet impactful commitment to the well-being of those in uniform.

Captain Kenny extends specialized therapy to law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel grappling with the subtle complexities of mental health, PTSD, trauma, and substance abuse.

With a Ph.D. in psychology and LCSW credentials, Captain Kenny subtly navigates the intricate landscape where psychology intersects with the demands of first responders, offering a quietly impactful hand of support to those who serve on the front lines.

He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

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