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Coordinated care is a widely-used healthcare practice designed to improve patient outcomes. This term refers to the coordination of medical treatment by multiple healthcare providers. When every member of a patient’s care team shares an understanding of each patient and her or his progress and needs, they can work together to make time spent in treatment more effective. Coordinated care produces better outcomes than clinicians working in silos and without knowledge of what other providers are prescribing.

At Futures, patient care team members meet weekly to review patient progress in detail. By sharing knowledge and the health goals of each patient, members of the care team are able to respond in real time to patient needs. These collaborations often identify previously unidentified conditions in need of care or highlight moments of breakthrough that can be capitalized upon. It is common, for example, to find that a patient is experiencing a family or work stress, that they may be experiencing an eating disorder, or that they need a form of specialized medical treatment during their stay. Some of these needs may not be as easy to identify from the perspective of a single care provider. When multiple providers share their experiences with a patient, however, these needs become apparent.

Coordinated care extends beyond the Futures’ campus. Collaboratively reviewing patient needs and organizing treatment may identify healthcare needs requiring referral to outside experts. The process is also used to inform the discharge planning process that connects patients with the support groups, doctors, and therapists they will see for ongoing care once treatment at Futures is completed.

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