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Support groups play a significant role for most people in recovery. Today, a variety of support group formats are available to meet a range of preferences. Many continue to rely on traditional Twelve-Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous successfully. However, many new support groups are growing in popularity such as denominational groups like the Christian-based Celebrate Recovery program, to agnostic programs like the Buddhist-based Refuge Recovery program. Secular programs are also available.

Futures helps patients understand which support groups may best suit their needs and preferences, and gets them involved with local chapters. Futures strongly believes in support group participation as an important aspect of ongoing recovery work.

Support groups provide likeminded community, a network of supporters able to provide comfort, counsel, and referral to treatment if needed. They are also pathways into one’s local recovery community and networks of people who can help make meaningful connections to medical care providers, educational and employment opportunities, and other resources. Support groups also provide a positive routine of mutual support, belonging and interpersonal connection.

Community activities encourage people in recovery to rediscover enjoyment free from the influence of substances. Learning to find happiness in doing normal recreational activities without relying on alcohol or drugs establishes resilience — a key ingredient in one’s ability to remain in recovery. Futures takes patients to beaches and local attractions as a form of enjoyable relief from the hard work of daily therapy, but also as a means of finding pleasure in everyday things while sober.

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