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Futures provides high-quality wellness services and nutritional services while teaching patients how to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they leave treatment.

Wellness services like physical fitness, yoga, therapeutic massage, and hypnotherapy help people improve their physical and mental wellbeing to bolster positive self-image and psychological and physical health. Wellness therapies can help to reverse and repair some of the damage done by the use of drugs and alcohol, restore mobility and ease pain, and reduce the symptoms and severity of anxiety. Futures offers patients a complete complement of wellness services to restore good health. Patients are helped to find local wellness resources during the discharge process.

Maintaining a nutritious diet is especially important for people recovering from addiction disorders. The lifestyle of addiction and the adverse health effects from the overuse of substances can deplete the body of necessary nutrients and lead to negative health implications including organ damage. A healthy diet can restore healthy nutrient levels, reestablish the balance of electrolytes and other metabolic systems, and contribute to improved organ function.

At Futures, a nutritionist and chef team up to provide highly nutritious meals and snacks as well as nutritional education. Menus and ingredients are designed to offer exceptionally balanced nutrition while also being delicious. The emphasis of nutritional counseling at Futures is to teach patients that eating a healthy diet can be easy, affordable, and fulfilling.

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