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Virtual Lecture Series: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: The Unspoken International Epidemic That is Costing People Lives

July 24, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Futures is a proud member of the Florida behavioral healthcare community committed to reducing the stigma surrounding addiction and its treatment. We invite you to join our virtual lecture series via the Zoom platform to network, learn from innovative practitioners, and enjoy a morning of knowledge, inspiration, and camaraderie. This will be a virtual lecture with Q&A to follow. We will provide a reminder and meeting link to anyone who has registered.

Presentation Overview

There is a silent epidemic happening in the United States—Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI)—and it’s costing people their lives. This self-harm includes self-cutting, self-burning, self-battery, and more. Estimates reveal that people in the U.S. have a 30% lifetime risk for engaging in some form of self-injury. But the bodily injuries caused aren’t the only reason for concern. The correlation between NSSI and suicide is more than 60%. And this isn’t limited to adolescent girls, both males and females across the entire age spectrum suffer from this problem—many times in silence. It’s time to break the silence surrounding self-injury in the U.S. In this virtual lecture series you’ll learn more about this troubling phenomenon including the alarming statistics, the most common forms of NSSIs, and the main reasons people self-harm. Let’s help those suffering in silence to find their voice, put aside their shame, and heal their bodies and minds from this self-injury crisis.


We will discuss and learn about various topics including:

                      I. Why Does It Matter?

                      II. Define NSSI

                                  A. Definition

                                  B. Myths

                                  C. Demographics

                                  D. Types of NSSI

                      III. Why Do People Self-harm?

                      IV. Suicide Risk

                                  A. What Not to Say

                                  B. Stressing the Correlation of NSSI and SI

                      V. Final Thoughts, Q&A

Course Objectives:

Objective 1: Bring awareness to the alarming statistics of how prevalent it is and the strong correlation with suicide.

Objective 2: Debunk the stereotypes & myths—demographics, what NSSI is and, more importantly, what it isn’t.

Objective 3: The top 3 out of the 35+ reasons why people self-harm.

Objective 4: The top 2 worst things that you can say to someone who self-injures that may increase their odds of suicide.

Objective 5: Understanding that NSSI is more than cutting; addressing the top 5 forms out of 20+ types of NSSI.  This is important because people often do not recognize NSSI for what it is and miss the signs.  As a note, a large number of my clients injure for 1+ years before it is ever discovered.



You will need your license number and type to receive credit for this course. This course is approved for 2 hours through the Florida Board of SW, MFT, MHC for social workers, marriage and family therapists, and mental health counselors, the Florida Board of Nursing, NAADAC (all 50 states accept hours approved by NAADAC for SA counselors), and the NBCC (all 50 states accept hours approved by the NBCC for LPC/LMHCs).

International speaker, media guest, and five-time author, Lori Vann is a highly regarded mental health authority. For the last twenty years, she has been on a mission as a Global Authority in the prevention and treatment of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury. Her experiences working at psychiatric hospitals, the non-profit sector, an outpatient clinic, and her own privative practice located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area has led to her developing unique self-injury support groups and the Self-Injury Prevention & Intervention Program. In addition, she enjoys coaching other health professionals on topics such as business development and what they didn’t tell you in graduate school. In her spare time, she is writing two books on perfectionism—one for students and one for adults. They are set for release late summer of 2020.


July 24, 2020
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Virtual lecture via the Zoom platform. (The meeting access link will be provided to you during the week of the event)


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