Team running on beach

Rise is an adventure-based program incorporating physical fitness, outdoor adventures, and team activities. Exercise, physical exertion, and skill-building develop physical and mental health. A healthy body promotes positive self-image. Fitness and activity restore and improve many aspects of physical health from organ function, blood pressure, sleep health, executive function, and more. 

Clinical programming is an essential component of the Rise Program. Some curriculum topics include relapse prevention, coping skills, behavioral analysis, guilt and shame, cognitive restructuring, planning for success, dealing with fears, and more. Rise patients take part in group and individual therapy sessions. 

Stabilization Period
Rise patients typically undergo a stabilization process which includes comprehensive health screening, medically-supervised detoxification, if necessary, the development of an individualized care plan, and treatment initiation. Patients receive individual and group therapy and take part in onsite physical activities during the stabilization and assessment period. Stabilization is vitally important to effective treatment. Ensuring that patients are free from the effects of substances and medically safe and able to participate in all aspects of Rise programming ensures patient safety and improves the odds for clinical success.


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