Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy opens new doors to self-discovery and recovery. The purposeful, therapeutic use of recreational activities to achieve clinical goals offers a novel approach to recovery for people new to treatment and those for whom traditional programming has been unsuccessful.

While some people find adventure therapy more engaging than office-based treatment, adventure therapies achieve many of the same goals as traditional psychotherapy. At Rise, a wide range of activities stimulate the mind, invigorate the spirit, and challenge the body. Rise patients can participate in snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, ropes course, indoor skydiving, rock climbing, and more.

Some adventure activities push patients beyond their perceived limits. Others are relaxing and tranquil. All, however, share a common purpose — to mindfully engage in recreational activities with the intent of gaining specific insights into ourselves, our relationships, and our worldview. Activities are carefully planned and guided to elicit thoughtful responses from participants. The ideas generated and lessons learned while taking part in adventure therapy become topics for further exploration in individual and group therapy.

Adventure therapy can help people access and confront experiences and emotions that are otherwise difficult to access and discuss. Trained observers can pick up vital cues about one’s emotional health by observing how they respond to being pushed beyond their comfort zones or being forced to relinquish control. In many cases, these responses reveal that patients may be living with unaddressed and unprocessed traumatic experiences that are barriers to recovery and well-being. Experienced Rise team members are experts at using adventure experiences to help patients push their boundaries to reveal insights while remaining physically and emotionally safe.

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