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Please find below download links for Futures Recovery program brochures, track brochures, as well as informational flyers.

Futures Recovery Program Brochures

Comprehensive and intensive dual-diagnosis residential addiction treatment program, delivering significant clinical hours-per-patient and integrated psychiatry, psychotherapy, physical therapy, wellness services, family programming, and alumni programming to help patients achieve a strong foothold in recovery and maintain a continuum of care.

For individuals inextricably linked to a public persona, committed to high-demand occupations, and unable to remove themselves from the stressors and situations that trigger and perpetuate addiction and dysfunction. Concierge-level service, and programmatic flexibility provide patients with the most intensive and personalized care available.

High-quality, compassionate, and evidence-based residential mental health treatment for anxiety, depression, and mood conditions.

An adventure-based experiential therapy program coordinating holistic clinical programming, outdoor adventures, group activities, fitness, and specialized curriculum. Well-suited to people who have not been helped by traditional therapy approaches, and those who gravitate toward an active daily schedule, adventures, and teamwork.

Futures Recovery Specialty Treatment Brochures

Futures’ Hero’s Ascent focuses on identifying and addressing mental health conditions such as underlying trauma, chronic pain, addiction, and other issues shared by first responders and veterans. Coordinated and personalized care plans incorporate medical treatment, psychiatry, individual and group psychotherapy, physical therapy, and wellness services.

Trauma plays a foundational role in the development of addictive behaviors and co-occurring mental health conditions because untreated traumatic events can create negative self-perceptions from which we feel the need to escape through self-medication. Futures’ Trauma Treatment focuses identifying and treating the traumatic life experiences that may trigger self-medication and mental health conditions as an essential part of effective treatment.

Pain can be a cause and result of substance use disorders. When undiagnosed and untreated, pain may lead people to self-medicate. Whether patients become dependent upon prescribed pain medications, alcohol, or use illicit drugs to sooth pain symptoms, Futures Pain Treatment team works with patients to minimize their pain, find healthy and enjoyable activities, and remain substance-free.

Futures’ Orenda team knows that helping active athletes maintain their training and fitness regimen can provide a sense of grounding comfort for patients and ensure that they are prepared to return to the field after treatment. Here, a team that has provided training and physical therapy to MLB, PGA, and more helps athletes heal and train while receiving comprehensive care for mental health and substance use disorders.

Futures Recovery Informational Flyers

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