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How Long Does Valium Withdrawal Last?


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Valium is prescribed on a short-term basis to help people move through a period of intense anxiety. A long exposure to Valium can change chemical and electrical patterns in your brain and lead to feelings of discomfort when stopped.

What Happens During Valium Withdrawal?

When Valium is removed from your system and your brain once again functions at a normal pace, a variety of different physical and mental signals can appear. In time, as the brain adjusts to the lack of Valium, those signs and signals abate and a feeling of normalcy returns. It’s important to note that withdrawal is a normal and natural part of recovery.

Common Valium Withdrawal Symptoms

During withdrawal, you might feel:

  • Irritable
  • Tense
  • Nervous
  • Sweaty
  • Nauseated
  • Sore
  • Unable to sleep

An abrupt withdrawal from Valium tends to produce a stronger set of symptoms, compared to if tapered.

Seizures are also a possibility and can be life-threatening, it’s highly recommended to go through withdrawal under medical supervision.

Tips to Help You Through Valium Withdrawal

The best thing you can do to help yourself move through Valium withdrawal is to enroll in a structured treatment plan. When under medical supervision, professionals will reduce your Valium dose gradually. The pace of that withdrawal is entirely dependent on the symptoms you demonstrate. The team should provide you with psychological support, so you’ll understand the full process.

Taking care of your body may also help you to soothe your mind. Try:

  • Taking a walk
  • Sitting in a cool bath
  • Performing gentle stretches
  • Eating a few bites of comfort food
  • Breathing deeply

A treatment team at a residential inpatient facility will help you to move through withdrawal. When speaking with a medical professional, outline your symptoms clearly and honestly, and ask for help and support when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You may need a medication adjustment, or you may need a few additional therapy sessions.

Get Help with Valium Withdrawal & Detox

Typically, a withdrawal from Valium should be complete in a few weeks, but this is a highly individualized process.

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