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Dr. Dunkin on Pending FDA Approval of Dsuvia


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Last week our Medical Director, Dr. Gloria Dunkin, was requested to comment on a Healthline news article by Brian Krans covering the potential FDA approval of a controversial new opioid, Dsuvia. This new entrant is produced by AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and believes in the controlled administration of their new product as an alternative to intravenous delivery systems. For many in the medical field, it’s difficult but necessary to contemplate the downside potential of this innovation amidst a catastrophic overdose and addiction epidemic.

Gloria is clear on where she stands, “Dr. Brown is, rightly, focusing on the potential dangers and consequences of introducing this medication to the market,” she said. “We want to avoid more people dying from overdoses. Approving a sublingual tablet of sufentanil has a unique potential to only cause more.” She is backing the cautionary messaging efforts of Dr. Raeford Brown, the Chair of the FDA’s Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee.

To learn more or read the full text, please visit Healthline.


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