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Addiction is a disease impacting millions of people across the world. For many, seeking help is the first step on a journey to living a life beyond what they’ve dared to dream. However, getting help for an alcohol or substance use disorder can seem daunting. From stopping the use of the substance to living somewhere for treatment, many become discouraged before they begin. Images of dorm room style living and accommodations that pale in comparison to the accustomed lifestyles can stop someone from getting the help they need. 

At Futures Recovery Healthcare you can heal and begin to recover from an alcohol or substance use disorder in comfort. If you live in Florida and find yourself searching ‘luxury rehab near me’, Futures may be your answer.

Situated on nine tranquil and beautiful acres in Tequesta, Florida, Futures answers the search for a ‘luxury drug rehab inpatient near me’ that so many seek. From our world-class amenities to our evidence-based treatment programs, treatment for alcohol or drug issues at Futures truly stands apart from other Florida addiction treatment centers. 

In fact, in a survey of our past clients, 100% of the respondents said they’d recommend Futures to a family member or friend. 

Our inclusive campus is seeped in luxury and serenity from the lobby to the private suites each of our clients are able to enjoy. Unlike many other treatment centers, each client at Futures enjoys a private bedroom and bathroom in our luxury accommodation rehab. But that’s just the beginning of the meticulously designed setting aimed to promote relaxation, comfort, and healing. 

On-site amenities include self-care options (like yoga, meditation, spa services), pool, recreation facilities, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and therapy all within the comfort of our Palm Beach treatment center campus. These distinguishing perks enable you to focus on healing, learning, and recovery. 

At Futures, our exclusive amenities aren’t the only part of the world-class experience you’ll find. It’s important when searching ‘luxury rehab near me’ you look at more than simply amenities. While these are vitally important for the discerning guest who is searching ‘luxury alcohol rehab near me’ or ‘luxury drug rehab near me’, it’s important to take into consideration the treatment provided for each facility you find in your ‘luxury rehab near me’ search. 

You can expect not only the best in luxury and comfort at Futures, but you’ll also benefit from evidence-based treatment programs that offer multiple pathways to recovery. Driven from a belief in a continuum of care philosophy, our team members work together to create individualized treatment recovery programs best-suited to each person who comes to us for help.  

Our programs are evidence-based and proven to be the most effective in the successful treatment of alcohol or substance use issues. Treatment programs may include:

  • Medically assisted detox
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Chronic disease management
  • Trauma-informed treatment
  • Family intensive programs
  • Co-occurring mental health issue treatments

Each of these treatment programs is considered, in addition to other options, as part of Futures’ integrated holistic and comprehensive treatment for addiction. If you or someone you love continues to find themselves searching ‘luxury rehab near me’ it may be time to take action. Futures is here to help. For the executive or anyone who wants even more luxury, Futures’ Orenda program offers concierge-level service, flexibility, and intensive and personalized care. Contact us confidentially online or by phone at 866-804-2098


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