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At Futures Recovery Healthcare in Palm Beach, Florida, we know first-hand how difficult and painful life in active addiction to alcohol or drugs can be. Loneliness, hopelessness, and isolation define most days and nights. Futures offers hope with multiple pathways for you to recover from addiction. We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to overcoming addiction and long-lasting recovery. Our compassionate, professional, and experienced staff in Palm Beach create comprehensive, individualized, and evidence-based recovery programs to meet the unique needs of each person who comes to us for treatment.  Our integrative and multi-faceted approach addresses any co-occurring mental health or dual addiction issues so you have the best chance at long-term recovery. You too can begin a life in recovery—free from the bonds of alcohol or drugs. It’s time to reclaim your life, freedom, and happiness—Futures can help

Addiction is a complicated disease. Everyone has different experiences and issues that are unique to their addiction. At Futures, we know each individual who walks through our doors for help is different and has their own specific treatment needs. Our Palm Beach addiction treatment center offers three different programs to meet the needs of a diverse population seeking effective treatment for addiction in Palm Beach County.  

Utilizing a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates somatic medicine, psychotherapies, physical therapies, as well as wellness services our comprehensive residential treatment programs include our Core treatment program, the executive Orenda program, and our Experiential Activity-based program. Futures also offers an outpatient program. Each of these residential treatment programs provides specific components each designed to meet the diverse recovery needs of our clients. Within each program, our Palm Beach addiction treatment staff emphasizes individualization, the highest quality care, evidence-based programs, compassion, as well as a continuum of care, and alumni support. 

Approach & Facilities

Futures Recovery Healthcare specializes in helping both men and women over the age of 30, many with co-occurring mental health issues, recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our Palm Beach drug and alcohol rehab staff are dedicated to helping our clients recover from addiction and are here to support you every step of the way. We understand how difficult taking the first step can be. But we also know how rewarding, vibrant, and abundant life in recovery can be.

You don’t have to live in fear and pain any longer. Futures is here for you, not just for the first step in recovery but for the long haul so you too can live life in long-lasting recovery.

Our approach to treatment includes a system of care designed to establish a solid foundation in recovery along with the tools and resources needed to sustain long-lasting recovery. In addition to evidence-based psychotherapy, psychiatry, medically-assisted treatment, physical therapy, support groups, and wellness therapy, each of our Palm Beach alcohol and drug treatment programs offers specialized care for issues such as underlying pain, eating disorders, and trauma. Our licensed care providers and accredited therapists have extensive training and experience in treating each of these issues.

Futures is committed to the long-term recovery of each client at our Palm Beach rehab center. Offering residential treatment, detox, intensive outpatient therapy program, discharge planning, and alumni groups we provide the support and tools needed to extend recovery long after leaving treatment. Our diverse treatment program options ensure that each of our clients is able to obtain the specific treatments they need for success in recovery.

Facing addiction to drugs or alcohol is hard. At Futures, we believe that where you get treatment should be comfortable, luxurious, and promote your physical and mental well being. Our Palm Beach rehab offers exclusive, suite-style, private rooms on a relaxing, gated nine-acre estate. On-site amenities include self-care options, pool, recreation facilities, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and therapy all within the comfort of our Palm Beach treatment center campus. These distinguishing perks enable you to focus on healing, learning, and recovery.






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Q - How much does treatment cost?

A - The cost of providing the array of coordinated health services needed to treat addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders effectively can be significant.

Q - Will my insurance cover these costs?

A - Futures is an out-of-network provider that works with patients and insurance providers to make its services as accessible and affordable as possible.

Q - What if I am not a good candidate for your programs?

A - Ensuring a good fit between patient needs and program capabilities is one of the best ways to improve treatment outcomes. When patients who call Futures have care needs or situations that would be better served by other providers, we attempt to refer those clients to appropriate care.

Q - What services can I expect?

A - Futures Recovery Healthcare is a system of programs specialized in providing a complete spectrum of services to treat addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.


If you or someone you love is living in the pain and desperation of addiction, there is hope and there is help. It takes courage to admit you may have an issue with alcohol or drugs. You are not alone. Join the many others who have taken that first brave step and found a life in recovery beyond their wildest dreams. It can happen for you and Futures can help. Contact us confidentially online for drug rehab in Palm Beach or call 561-475-1804.




Palm Beach, FL 

Palm Beach, located in South Florida, is separated from the mainland by the Lake Worth Lagoon. Worth Avenue is filled with luxury boutiques, museums and restaurants. 

Palm Beach, Florida, is known for its beauty, quality of life, and small-town character. Nearly 9000 citizens make Palm Beach their residence all year round. People in Palm Beach give more money per capita to charitable organizations than any other community in the United States. It has 3 miles of public beaches, and a wide array of recreation programs, including awardwinning golf and tennis facilities. 

The Palm Beaches is made up of thirty – nine lively, multicultural and welcoming communities. On top of the gorgeous beaches and unique dive spots, West Palm Beach is one of the best destinations to immerse oneself in the colorful culture and nightlife or soak up the unspoiled beauty of the town Jupiter. Boca Raton extends an invitation to avid travelers to sample the boundless art and culinary treasures. 


Palm Beach was named after a shipwreck named “Providencia” The ship washed up on the beach in January 1878 with a ship full of coconuts destined from Havana to Barcelona. Pioneers found it a challenge to clear land for their homes and make space for their crops. The area was known as “Lake Worth” at the time. 

The Coconut Grove House, which is the first hotel to be built in the areaopened in 1880 to accommodate tourists. Henry Flagler’s Royal Poinciana Hotel opened in 1894. The Flagler System hotels, including the Palm Beach Inn, were built in the late 1800s. In 1903, the original hotel was destroyed by fire., and a new, larger, more luxurious hotel was built in 1925. Today, the stone structure strives to serve as a landmark for Palm Beach. 


The city of Palm Beach was incorporated on 17 April 1911. It was only the second recognized municipality in Palm Beach County. Elisha N. Dimick was elected as the first mayor; women did not have the vote at the time. In 1929, the Garden Club sponsored the preparation of a Town Plan. 

Story of the Town’s Founding and Building 

Palm Beach, Florida, owes its existence and character more to Henry Flagler than to any other individual. Henry Morrison Flagler was a co-founder of Standard Oil. He retired from his day-to-day responsibilities at Standard Oil and devoted all of his resources to building Florida. Many began to share his love of Palm Beach. 

Flagler built a series of luxury hotels that established tourism as a mainstay of Florida’s economy. Flagler built the Hotel Royal Poinciana and The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. His winter home, Whitehall, is a National Historic Landmark.  

His Florida East Coast Railway opened the state to the growth of all kinds. Flagler’s Model Land Company encouraged the agricultural development of millions of acres. Over-Seas Railroad covered more than 155 miles from Miami to Key West.