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Futures is wholly committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical practice. Patient privacy, appropriate referral practices, care efficacy, and proper communication are essential to all members of the Futures’ team.

The field of addiction treatment has faced ethical challenges in recent years. Like many areas of medicine, a small number of bad actors has endangered and misrepresented patients and made it more difficult for individuals and families find quality care. Practices such as patient brokering, unregulated sober living homes, insurance fraud, and misleading marketing remain significant problems for the field. These are being rapidly addressed, however.

Today, new laws — drafted and enacted in our home state of Florida — and self-policing initiatives from professional groups and insurers are helping to reduce the unethical and illegal practices that have negatively affected many people seeking critical care for the life-threatening disease of addiction. Now, patients and families can feel more secure than ever that accredited and licensed addiction treatment programs are providing quality care. While more work needs to be done, Futures, and other quality care providers here in Florida and across the country are working to reduce fraud and ensure access to quality care.

Futures’ clinicians are active members of Florida’s large and talented addiction treatment community and are working to restore confidence in Florida’s exceptional treatment programs. We are proud to be part of the solution. Executives and clinicians from Futures are on or advising boards and working groups tasked with reducing unethical and dangerous practices.

Helping people in need navigate the daunting field of addiction treatment plays a significant role in ethical practice. Futures’ admissions staff and clinicians work to ensure that the patients we accept will be well-served by our treatment offerings. We also work to help people who would be better served by other care providers to find appropriate care. The practice of referring patients to appropriate care has always been a hallmark of ethical practice in the addiction treatment field. The confidential and rapid referral of patients to better-suited providers is standard practice. Futures refers patients without the expectation of any form of reciprocation. We strive to refer patients to high-quality treatment providers who also follow ethical practices. Our primary concern is patient health and wellbeing.

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