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Futures publishes content to provide perspectives on issues related to addiction and mental health. Topics generally include commentary on addiction research and studies, explanation of psychotherapies and treatment approaches, useful information for people in recovery and their loved ones, and other content of interest to people interested in maintaining good mental and physical health. 

Trauma-Informed Care and Addiction Treatment: Bridging the Gap

Trauma impacts more than half of the U.S adult population and increases the risk of addiction. Find out about trauma-informed care and how it is a vital part of recovery from addiction.

Trauma-Informed Care and Addiction Treatment Bridging the Gap

How To Help Someone With Addiction

Are you looking for how to help someone with addiction? The first step is to take care of yourself then consider three ways you can help them get to rehab.

How To Help Someone With Addiction

The High-functioning Addict and the Telltale Signs

The signs of a problem for the high-functioning addict can be different from the typical clues. Learn about these signs and where to seek help.

The High-functioning Addict and the Telltale Signs

Futures: An Exceptional Addiction Treatment Center

Not every addiction treatment center is the same nor are their team members. Meet Kim Koslow and discover what makes Futures Recovery Healthcare so exceptional.

Futures An Exceptional Addiction Treatment Center, An Exceptional Team

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

Addiction, to alcohol or another substance, is a chronic brain disease characterized by the inability to stop or cut down on one’s own despite the desire to do so.

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

What is Luxury Rehab Like

There are thousands of addiction treatment centers in the United States, however, many seek treatment centers offering more than most and wonder, “what is luxury rehab like?”

Focus on Florida Futures Recovery Healthcare

Anna’s Story: You Can Get Help for Addiction Too

Taking the first step to get help for addiction is tough. Meet Anna and follow her journey from addiction to recovery at Futures Recovery Healthcare in Florida.

Anna’s Story You Can Get Help for Addiction Too

Futures Deepens Their Commitment to Alumni and Community

Futures Recovery Healthcare has expanded its support to alumni and the community with a committed Family and Friends Line.

Futures Deepens Their Commitment to Alumni and Community with the Family and Friends Line

How Addiction Impacts The Body & Recovery Programs that Heal

Anyone who uses a drug, illicit or legal, or alcohol for extended periods of time can end up with unexpected and serious health concerns.

How Addiction Impacts The Body & Recovery Programs that Heal

Binge Drinking in Teens and Young Adults: What You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that there are problems associated with drinking in both the teen and college-aged populations. But how do you know what’s simply ‘partying’ and when there’s a problem?

Binge Drinking in Teens and Young Adults What You Need to Know

Addiction Treatment: Find the Best Treatment for You

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is devastating. Not only does the individual with the substance or alcohol use disorder have a difficult and often painful life, so too do the loved ones of that person.

Addiction Treatment Find the Best Treatment for You

How to Have Fun in Sobriety: Addiction Recovery Resources

Long-lasting recovery needs long-term support. Addiction recovery resources are essential to learning to live a fun and happy life in sobriety.

How to Have Fun in Sobriety

First Responders: Facing Drug & Alcohol Addiction Issues

First responders face stressors those in the general population do not. This makes them more susceptible to mental health issues including addictions.

First Responders Facing Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction Issues

Women in Recovery: Understanding the Unique Challenges

Women in recovery face unique challenges and need specific treatment programs that address those issues.

Women in Recovery Understanding the Unique Challenges

Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, and Co-occurring Disorders

There are millions of Americans living with alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. Learn more about it and how to find the right treatment center.

Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, and Co-occurring Disorders

COVID 19 Parenting: 10 Tips to Help You Stay Sober and Sane

Are you like the millions of other parents struggling to balance work, homeschooling kids, and staying sane during COVID 19? Get 10 tips to help you cope and feel better.

COVID 19 Parenting 10 Tips to Help You Stay Sober and Sane

Anxiety in Recovery: How to Cope

Do you have anxiety and find yourself struggling to cope in healthy ways? Learn about the symptoms of anxiety and five healthy, effective ways to cope.

Anxiety in Recovery How to Cope

Mental Health, Exercise, and Addiction Recovery

Today there’s more research on what causes addiction and what helps a person to recover. Learn about what science is discovering about exercise and addiction recovery.

Mental Health, Exercise, and Addiction Recovery

Common Challenges in Sobriety

For some early recovery is amazing, for others it is a daily struggle. But no matter what, life long recovery and happiness are within reach for all. 

Common Challenges in Sobriety

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Me

With the legalization of cannabis in some states and the portrayal of alcohol in advertising, reality shows, and more, it’s no wonder so many people today are using drugs and alcohol to excess.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Me

Understanding Luxury Rehab Costs

If you or someone you love has an AUD or a SUD and wants to find a luxury rehab with proven expertise in addiction treatment it’s essential to have an idea of what amenities you want.

Luxury Rehab Costs

Spirituality and Long-term Recovery

Discover what spirituality, long-term recovery from an AUD or SUD, and lifelong happiness have in common.

Spirituality and Long-term Recovery

Recovery Support Groups: Exploring the Options

Today there are a variety of addiction recovery support groups. Learn more and find the one that is right for you.

Recovery Support Groups

America’s Alcohol Crisis

America doesn’t just have an opioid epidemic, America has an addiction crisis. Nearly one million alcohol-related deaths were recorded between 1999-2017.

America’s Alcohol Crisis

Is It Cool to be Getting Sober Today?

Every day it seems another athlete or celebrity is coming out as being sober. Learn about who’s sober and what it takes to live in recovery.

Is It Cool to be Getting Sober Today

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Learn about spirituality and addiction recovery and what tools work for those in recovery. Luckily for anyone struggling today, much progress has been made from these early days of addiction treatment.

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

COVID-19: Get Addiction Treatment Now

As we are in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are taking advantage of this downtime and seeking treatment for their alcohol or substance use disorder.


Luxury Rehab Centers in Florida

There are many luxury rehabs across Florida that will provide the highest quality of service when it comes to substance abuse treatments. However, there are a few aspects you should consider when selecting them.

Luxury Rehab Centers in Florida

Alcohol Use Disorder – Treatment

A doctor will usually take his/her time in diagnosing your alcohol problem. Once your addiction is confirmed, he/she will advise you on the necessary treatment options and refer you to the relevant professionals if it is out of their expertise.

Alcohol Treatment

COVID-19: How to Cope in Recovery

As COVID-19 takes our country by storm, it’s vital to know how to cope if you are someone you love is in recovery from alcohol or drugs. Find the resources you need here.


Is Sobriety Trending?

Futures’ Outreach and Community Liaison, Laura Kunz, describes sober curiosity and its benefits such as considering how alcohol affects their health, mood, and relationships.

A Servant's Heart

In this blog post, Futures Outreach Professional, Stephen Watts, reflects upon the importance of therapists developing a servant's heart and being fully present to form a strong and productive therapeutic alliance.

Clinical Perspectives

Clinical Outreach Professional John Egan shares his thoughts on a panel discussion at Moments of Change this year.

Alcohol Abuse Signs

Since alcohol is such a large part of our culture, it’s not always easy to identify when drinking has become a serious problem – one that requires treatment and abstinence.

How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Last? Timeline, Tips, and Symptoms

Helping vs. Enabling

We see this scenario time and time again. Families think they’re helping a loved one with a substance use disorder when they’re actually making things worse.

Morphine Abuse

Is Withdrawal Deadly?

The symptoms a person can experience during withdrawal vary depending on the substance being abused, and how much of and how often the substance is used.

What It’s Like to Attend Your First Meeting

Meetings are the foundation of ongoing recovery. Even though meetings can be remarkably helpful, the experience is a new one for people who have been steeped in substance abuse.

Attending Your First AA Meeting Futures Recovery Healthcare


DEAR MAN can be thought of as a group of tactics that help you get what you want, whether you’re negotiating a promotion at work or saying no to a persuasive salesperson.

DBT: DEAR Man Futures Recovery Healthcare

Breakups in Recovery: 10 Ways to Avoid Relapse

At any point in recovery, a breakup can cause a host of uncomfortable feelings, from insecurity and grief to depression to anger and any one of these can trigger the urge to drink or use drugs.

Breakups in Rehab Futures Recovery Healthcare

Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic

Unlike most stereotypes that relate alcoholics with failure in their professional, financial, social, and emotional lives, the high functioning alcoholic does not portray any signs of failure.

Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic Futures Recovery Healthcare

Interventions and Family Mediation

An intervention is any process by which one individual or group of individuals intervene in the progress of a given situation. They can take place in a variety of settings - not just living rooms.

Interventions and Family Mediation Futures Recovery Healthcare

DBT Decoded: How to be Mindful

Many people struggling with a substance use disorder will find that their experience in treatment improves when they practice mindfulness.

DBT Decoded: Mindfulness

Are You Self Medicating?

When the response to any difficult situation is to turn to drugs or alcohol, you may be self medicating. Unfortunately, self medicating can lead to substance abuse and, in time, addiction.

Are You Self Medicating? Futures Recovery Healthcare

Creating An Addiction Recovery Plan After Rehab

After completing a treatment program, you may find yourself asking what to do next. A well thought-out plan can be the difference between starting a new, sober life and being set back by relapse.

Creating an Addiction Recovery Plan After Rehab Futures Recovery Healthcare

DBT Decoded: Mindfulness “What Skills”

DBT Mindfulness Skills are broken into two categories – What Skills & How Skills. The What Skills - observe, describe, and participate - are acceptance-based.

DBT Decoded: Mindfulness

5 Best Books on Addiction and Recovery

Books, movies, music, and various art forms can do wonders to inform what we know about addiction and recovery.

5 Best Books for Addiction and Recovery Futures Recovery Healthcare

Exercise and Addiction Recovery: 7 Benefits

Individuals in recovery who engage in regular physical exercise can benefit from a reduction in stress, better sleep, increased energy, improved mood, and more.

Exercise and Addiction Recovery Futures Recovery Healthcare

DBT Decoded: The “Wise Mind” ACCEPTS

When using ACCEPTS, a DBT distress tolerance skillset, the immediate goal is to distract the mind just long enough to intervene in an emotional response to a stressful situation.

DBT: The Wise Mind ACCEPTS Futures Recovery Healthcare

DBT Decoded: Validation

Within the teaching of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), conscious validation is often called upon to help clients improve interpersonal effectiveness and mindfulness skills.

DBT Decoded: Validation Futures Recovery Healthcare

DBT Decoded: Willingness vs. Willfulness

When examining the DBT concept of Willingness versus Willfulness, we see how DBT once again presents us with a pair of opposite forces at play within the mind.

DBT Decoded: Willingness vs. Willfulness Futures Recovery Healthcare

DBT Decoded: Build Mastery

Building mastery is about setting a goal and working toward mastering the skills needed to achieve it. The goal could be lofty, but the act of improving our skills is itself an empowering achievement.

DBT Decoded: Build Mastery Futures Recovery Healthcare

Common Eating Disorders

Though there are a number of different kinds of eating disorders, there are a few common ones - anorexia, binge eating, and bulimia.

4 Types of Eating Disorders Futures Recovery Healthcare