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The Rebound at Futures Program

Rebound at Futures is an experiential and adventure-based addiction treatment program based on a model developed by NBA All-Star and recovery advocate Jayson Williams.

When it comes to treating addiction, one size does not fit all. Addiction is a complex disease that affects people differently. Tailoring treatment programs to the needs and preferences of patients can help them feel more engaged in care and improve outcomes.

Rebound scuba excursion

The Rebound at Futures Program is modeled upon the experiences of Jayson Williams, NBA All-Star, author, and recovery advocate. Williams played for the Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers, and New Jersey Nets before suffering a career-ending injury and struggling with addiction and incarceration. With the support of NBA colleagues and friends, he entered recovery and dedicated his life to helping others. Williams created a treatment program modeled on his own path to recovery —one centered on deep personal empowerment, perseverance, motivational support, and learning. Taking lessons from his elite athletic training, Williams designed a program of intense physical exercise, inspirational leadership, and immersive adventure activities to help people surpass their perceived limitations to find inner power, resilience, and insight.

In the summer of 2019, Williams and the Rebound staff became part of Futures Recovery Healthcare. Joining Futures realizes William’s goal of offering clients exceptional medical and clinical care and allows Futures to offer experiential and adventure-based therapies to clients in all of its programs. Rebound at Futures clients must be medically cleared to participate and must complete detoxification and stabilization, if necessary, at Futures Recovery Healthcare. 

Experiential and Adventure Programming

Rebound at Futures emphasizes experiential and adventure-based programming to help clients get outside of their comfort zone. Rebound clients take part in fishing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, skydiving, wave running, and other outdoor activities. Mindful participation in new and challenging activities can yield clinical insights and teachable moments. Paying close attention to the ways in which we respond to stressful situations and interpersonal interactions can identify issues like negative self-image, mistrust, competitiveness, and others that can be addressed in real-time, and during therapy sessions. 

Rebound schedule

High-Intensity Recovery

Rebound is a high-intensity program incorporating rigorous physical fitness, outdoor adventures, and team activities. Exercise, physical exertion, and skill-building develop physical and mental health. A healthy body promotes positive self-image. Rigorous fitness and activity restore and improve many aspects of physical health from organ function, blood pressure, sleep health, executive function, and more. 

Clinical programming is an essential component of the Rebound Program. Some curriculum topics include relapse prevention, coping skills, behavioral analysis, guilt and shame, cognitive restructuring, planning for success, dealing with fears, and more. Rebound clients take part in group and individual therapy sessions. 

All-Inclusive Recovery Campus

Active Rebound clients reside at the Futures Recovery Healthcare campus. This 9-acre gated facility located in Tequesta, Florida is designed to make a full complement of therapies and wellness services easily accessible. The Futures campus is a private and tranquil environment that is continuously staffed with support staff and medical professionals. Rebound clients will take meals and participate in select activities on-campus. Provided transportation will take Rebound clients to and from experiential and adventure-based activity locations. Group and individual therapy will be provided at the nearby Futures Outpatient center. Swimming pool, daily meditation sessions, a well-equipped fitness center, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and other amenities are available. 

Inspirational Coaching

Rebound at Futures develops the ethos and attitude to overcome obstacles. Here, Williams and a team of motivational coaches inspire clients to find within themselves the will and reasons to strive toward sobriety and lasting recovery. Rebound focuses on helping individuals tap their inner strength and spiritual aspect as a source of the resilience required to sustain recovery and good mental and physical health. Rebound is a powerfully positive program committed to an environment that fosters personal growth, respect of self and others, the elimination of perceived boundaries, and discovering the unyielding power we each possess. 

Getting ourselves to a place where we can truly feel the sun and hear the spirit takes help and hard work. Rebound was designed to help us understand how and why to do that work. By living together, enjoying nature together, learning together, inspiring one another, and pushing ourselves past our limits, we find our inner power and purpose. We also find our strongest allies and supporters. — Jayson Williams

Inspirational Community

Camaraderie and teamwork are central aspects of the Rebound Program and the friendships forged here become life-long supporters. Rebound alumni form an especially close and supportive community. Alumni from around the country regularly communicate and check one another’s recovery progress and well-being. 

Rebound at Futures Recovery Healthcare is an exciting new treatment program utilizing experiential modalities that are integrated into their group or individual therapy sessions. Patients in the Rebound program are referred to as Teammates and this subtle distinction serves to reinforce the notion that recovery is all about developing healthy connections. – Ryan Miller, MSW, Director of Alumni Services

For more information about Rebound at Futures, please call (855) 502-4673.