Futures Recovery


Orenda occupies the third floor of the Futures Recovery Healthcare center in Tequesta, Florida. Situated on a gated, nine-acre treatment campus, Orenda keeps all essential medical, clinical, and wellness services close at hand. Its pool, koi pond, tennis and basketball courts, relaxation, and fitness center help patients invigorate the body and calm the mind. The all-inclusive nature of the Orenda facility increases the convenience of receiving treatment, allows more time for therapy and wellness, immerses patients in a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment. Orenda maintains a high staff-to-patient ratio to ensure maximum access to care, comfort, and support. Every aspect of the Orenda experience is carefully managed to foster a tranquil and positive healing environment. 

All aspects of the Orenda program are designed to provide a comfortable, effective treatment experience. Patients reside in private suites including a bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room. Cable television, internet access, access to a business center, and private dining are utilized. Nutritious meals designed to address special patient needs are provided throughout the day, as well as healthy snacks and beverages. 

Wellness and self-care are essential to overall health and is a helpful part of recovery. Orenda patients take part in a range of wellness services each day.