Interprofessional Communications

Appropriately sharing client information with approved parties can make a crucial difference to the health and well-being of clients during and after treatment. At client request, Orenda team members can communicate confidentially with employers and licensing boards to help restore client medical licenses and professional accreditations, and provide relevant information to family lawyers, agents, and business managers.

Clients who choose to take advantage of the extensive array of neuropsychological, genomic, musculoskeletal, and nutritional assessments offered at Orenda will gain a wealth of personal health information that can enrich the quality of their care for years to come. Orenda can share these results and other helpful insights with client doctors and other treatment providers to ensure coordinated ongoing care that supports overall health and recovery.

Our team can collaborate with private doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists to ensure a smooth transition of information and records. We regularly consult with our client’s care providers to ensure that clients leaving our care have a seamless transition to ongoing care and services.