Orenda Athlete Track

Helping athletes find recovery at every stage of their game.

The fact that athletes can overcome adversities that would sideline most people can sometimes work against them. Extraordinary perseverance can make it harder to recognize problems and less likely to seek care. The Orenda Athlete track at Futures helps athletes of all types and any level address mental health and substance use disorders to restore the physical, mental, and spiritual health needed to perform at one’s best. Our experienced care team can help whether the goal is maintaining peak performance at the height of one’s career or successfully navigating life in retirement. Orenda offers comprehensive programming, including thorough assessments, individualized evidence-based therapies, family programming, extensive wellness services, and personalized nutrition with the flexibility to accommodate fitness training and necessary business communications.


The Orenda team knows that helping active athletes maintain their training and fitness regimen can provide a sense of grounding comfort for patients and ensure that they are prepared to return to the field after treatment. Here, a team that has provided training and physical therapy to MLB, PGA, and more helps athletes heal and train while receiving comprehensive care for mental health and substance use disorders.

To learn more, download the Orenda Athlete Track Brochure.

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