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Dan Perzanoski, CSAC

Family Program Coordinator

Dan Perzanoski is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Family Clinician, Family Case Manager, and Group Facilitator, who has been in the field of Human Services, Substance Use Disorder Treatment, and the Mental Health Treatment field for 30 years. Dan began his career working with adolescents and families as a Development Specialist in his home state of Connecticut after completion of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps. Dan then went on to use Veteran Educational Funds to complete his degree in Human Services Counseling and Educational Leadership at Old Dominion University.

Dan has held various positions of leadership within the Health and Human Services Industry, and the passion to work with those in need has taken him down many paths and places. It was in relocating to Florida in 2013, that Dan decided to focus all his energies on working with, counseling, coaching, and case managing, clients and families struggling with substance use disorders and mental health conditions.

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