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Futures offers telehealth services to patients and their families to provide effective and convenient aftercare.

Today, effective therapy for families and alumni can be delivered securely and conveniently online. Telehealth is a convenient, affordable, and secure way to receive ongoing therapy. Many software platforms can be used to enable secure computer conferencing — many are free and easily downloadable. Patients use their phones, home computers, or tablets to access these private therapy sessions and video-based resources.

Futures leverages an existing network of telehealth providers and counselors across the United States as an alternative or supplement to in-person family therapy or outpatient levels of care. Frequency, program and pricing options can be addressed prior to admission, during residential treatment, or as part of the discharge planning process.

Studies have shown that telehealth therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy, making it a good alternative for persons in recovery and their family members with limited ability to attend sessions in-person at an outpatient clinic or private therapist office.

Many clinicians who use telehealth prefer to use it only after seeing patients in-person in an office setting. Because of this, telehealth therapy sessions may be best used as a form of after-care following intensive residential or outpatient treatment, or at times when a lower level of care is indicated. The patient’s therapist determines if telehealth is an appropriate treatment tool for patients and whether it should be used in conjunction with in-person therapies.

Recovery coaching can also be delivered through telehealth. Recovery coaches can be extremely helpful in keeping people in recovery on track — especially those in early recovery. Futures offers both therapy and recovery coaching using telehealth if it is deemed appropriate by the patient care team.

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