Clinical Summary Futures Recovery Healthcare

Clinical Summary

Futures Recovery Healthcare operates a licensed 105-bed residential treatment center in Tequesta, Florida, and intensive outpatient clinical program in West Palm Beach, Florida. Futures is accredited by The Joint Commission and all clinicians are licensed professionals. Our program aims to provide patients with higher-than-average hours of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and wellness services. We emphasize non-arbitrary lengths-of-stay, coordinated healthcare approaches, continuum of care, and strong alumni and aftercare programming. 

  • Supervised medical detoxification center located within our residential treatment facility
  • Addiction treatment tailored to patients with co-occurring conditions
  • Residential (Inpatient) treatment for patients who have an addiction (drugs and alcohol) in need of 24-hour structured care
  • Outpatient treatment for patients as an element of a care plan to continue to address addiction and mental health concerns/issues
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • DBT (including an overview and weekly sessions)
  • Individual psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, dietary and holistic services as well as the opportunity for acupuncture and massages
  • Group, family and 12-Step support and resources
  • Integrated physical therapy for pain management
  • Relapse prevention
  • Telehealth aftercare support option for residential and IOP patients
  • Strong alumni, aftercare, and recovery coaching programs
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