Focus on Florida Futures Recovery Healthcare

Focus on Florida

Futures is a proud member of the Florida addiction treatment community and by providing exceptional healthcare is working to restore the reputation of our field in this state and around the country.

Florida’s addiction treatment community has born the brunt of intense negative publicity. Numerous high-profile news accounts and documentaries highlight the predatory practices that have deprived patients of much-needed medical care and made it harder for individuals, families, and other healthcare professionals to trust addiction treatment providers in Florida and around the country. This skepticism is well-founded. Much of the insurance fraud, patient brokering, and other practices that are the focus of media attention occurred in Florida.

New regulations, self-policing, and educational initiatives are bringing change to the Florida treatment community, and to programs around the country. Much of this positive change is due to the efforts of Florida’s experienced addiction treatment providers. Through work on state and local boards, collaborations with national peers, and testimony before lawmakers, members of Florida’s recovery community are turning the tide and restoring public trust. New laws — architected in Florida’s Senate — are protecting patients and closing down fraudulent programs.

Futures is proud to be part of the solution. Our team members participate on boards and working groups dedicated to the promotion of ethical practice such as Treatment Professionals in Alumni Service, Nurse Practitioner Council of West Palm Beach, Cherokee Counseling Coalition, American Art Therapy Association, and Advisory Board Member of CARP to name a few. The program follows The Joint Commission and NAATP marketing practice standards to provide clear and accurate representations of its treatment offerings. Our admissions team is trained in ethical referral practice and works to ensure appropriate alignment between the program’s clinical capabilities and patient needs. We refer to providers around the country as well as specialized healthcare providers when needed.

Futures is committed to leading by example as good corporate citizens, compassionate care providers, and stringent patient advocates. We welcome collaboration with our fellow addiction treatment colleagues in Florida and elsewhere to restore the reputation of our field and make it easier for people to place their trust in our care.

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