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Millions of people across the nation have a substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD). Yet, despite the growing number of people with these issues, only about 10% of these millions receive the treatment they need. For many of these people who don’t get treatment, finding the right addiction treatment center is the main issue. 

With nearly 15,000 addiction treatment centers in the United States, it’s a surprise that many in search of treatment can’t find what they need. One of the most needed treatment center niches is luxury rehab for executives.  Futures Recovery Healthcare’s Orenda program is one of the premier luxury rehab for executives. 

The Orenda program at Futures offers key components not only in treatment options but also in accommodations that the discerning executive just can’t find at other addiction treatment centers. We know how vital it is for executives to maintain communication and stay on top of responsibilities during treatment. While many rehabs allow patients to have little to no communication with the ‘outside world’, Futures’ Orenda program understands that this keeps many high-functioning executives from getting the treatment that can change their lives. 

Our luxury rehab for executives provides concierge-level service, program flexibility with the most intensive and personalized care for executives who are inextricably linked to public persona and those in high-demand occupations. 

For many in search of luxury rehab for executives, their occupations and lifestyles make it very difficult to avoid highly stressful, triggering situations. Our Orenda team understands this and treatment programs are customized to provide tools to address these issues. 

Four Pillars of Care

This luxury rehab for executives adheres to four pillars of care that are essential to treatment programs. These four pillars are:

Medical services provide safe detoxification and stabilization and treat underlying conditions to alleviate pain, improve overall functioning, and support a positive outlook.

Clinical neuropsychology and psychotherapy assess and improve cognitive function, educate, and build resilience.

Neurorestorative care retrains maladaptive brain patterns to better recognize triggers and promote positive behaviors.

Wellness programming that includes physical care, physical fitness, nutritional counseling, hypnotherapy, bodywork, and mindfulness practice unifies mind and body healing and restores spiritual connection.

In addition, patients in our luxury rehab for executives program enjoy accommodations many other rehabs just don’t offer. From private suites including a bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room to cable television, internet access, access to a business center, and private dining, our patients enjoy all the comforts of home while in treatment.

Situated on a beautiful nine-acre treatment campus, patients in our luxury rehab for executives program has all essential medical, clinical, and wellness services close at hand. In addition, patients enjoy the pool, koi pond, tennis and basketball courts, and fitness center. These amenities enable clients to invigorate the body and calm the mind. The all-inclusive nature of the Orenda facility increases the convenience of receiving treatment, allows more time for therapy and wellness, immerses clients in a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment. 

If you or someone you love is in need of luxury rehab for executives, our Orenda program at Futures may be what you’ve been searching for and unable to find. Contact us today online or call us at 866-804-2098. 


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